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ACAM 306B Artisan & Artist Woven Silk Camera strap Long

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Kumihimo is a Japanese art form of braid-making. For hundreds of years Kumihimo artists who are renowned throughout the world have made silk cords of exceptional strength, texture and beauty. Samurai warriors would use these braided straps to attach their battle armour and swords. 

Artisan & Artist has revived this classic art by employing specialists artisans slilled in these traditional methods to create their beautiful rang of Silk Cord Straps.

The length of this strap can be shortened by tying loose knots in it, which also helps keep the camera positioned firmly in front of you. 
The smooth silk texture of the cord is comfortable on your neck, even in hot weather, because the material breathes. 
The strong braids are virtually unbreakable for those worried that their camera will one day hit the deck due to a frayed camera strap. 
That simply won't happen with the Silk Cord Strap, one of the most exclusive camera restraints in the world!

This strap is created by extending the strength of ACAM-301 for a physically large person or for someone wanting to carry their camera across their body.

Colour: Black or Red
Size: L1,200×8φmm
Weight: 50g
Material: Silk, leather(Italian)
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
Remark: Kumihimo (braided cord) long type camera strap attractive with a delicate beauty.

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