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Leica Ever ready case leather black, Q (Typ 116)

New Product
$360.00 $330.00 -8%

Custom-made for the Leica Q digital camera, this compact black Ever-Ready Case in embossed leather safeguards your investment against scratches, dust, dirt, and light impact. The jacket-style body case portion provides a snug fit, covering the front, sides, and bottom of the body while leaving the controls free for shooting. The front flap covers the top of the camera and the lens, and can be folded down to free up the lens when you're ready to capture your image. Additionally, the front flap has a separate compartment for storing an extra SD memory card. The jacket-style body case part features the same diamond design as the leather trim on the camera itself, giving it a nice matching look and providing a secure grip in your hand.

  • Protects Camera and Lens
  • Jacket-Style Case Plus Front Flap
  • Leaves Controls Free for Shooting
  • Flap Folds Down to Free Up Lens
  • Provides Secure Grip
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