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Leica Holster leather black, Q (Typ 116)

New Product
$298.90 $265.00 -11%

Draw your Leica Q digital camera in a flash for fast shooting with the black leather Leica Q Holster. It has a rip-resistant adjustable belt and a multi-angle connector, allowing it to lay flat against your body regardless of your clothing. The pouch that holds the camera covers one side of it, along with the bottom and part of the front, while leaving the lens and shutter free for fast image capture. The holster can be used when a handgrip is attached to the camera, and is recommended for use in combination with Leica wrist straps.

  • Lets You Draw Camera and Shoot Quickly
  • Rip-Resistant Adjustable Belt
  • Lays Flat Against Your Body
  • Multi-Angle Connector
  • Covers Side/Bottom/Partial Front of Body
  • Leaves Lens Free
  • Usable with Handgrip Attached to Camera
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