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Leica M4P Silver with 0.72 Rating 10


The Leica M4-P also fascinates because of its exceptional quality, attention to detail and its concentration on essentials. The M4-P is a mechanical camera,without an internal light meter. Technical gadgetry is purposely limited to those features that truly contribute towards creating a better picture.

  • Extremely reliable performance
  • Viewfinder is always bright - even in low light
  • Large assortment of high performance lenses ranging from 21 to 135mm and speeds as fast as f/1
  • Quiet and vibration free

This Pre- Owned Leica M4P Silver with Winder 0.72 with a 10 rating (S/N 1643441)


  • Leica M4P Silver 0.72 Body
  • Body caps
  • Winder
  • All Original Boxes
  • Original Display Box

All Leica Boutique - PRA Pre-Owned items have a 90 day warranty

10  As New

9+ PRE-OWNED or STORE DEMO, but appears as NEW


8+ Shows MODERATE WEAR (finish marks)

8   WELL USED – may exhibit “dings” or finish marks

7   USEABLE – Shows more than average wear

6   “AS IS” – May Not Be In Working Order

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