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LEICA MAGNUS 1, 5-10x42 L-4A ASV 1 with rail


The 2.5-10x42 ERi ASV Riflescope with ASV Turret and Rail from Leica fuses a weather-sealed housing and high-transmission lens system with a range of shooter-friendly features that help make this optic well-suited for close and mid-range targeting. Leica employs a 30mm optical path and multicoated lenses to transmit a clear image that has crisp detail and impressive brightness even during twilight hours. Complementing its optical performance, the ERi has a 4" eye relief and a 2.5-10x zoom range, making the ERi both versatile and practical.

This ERi riflescope model is configured with Leica's illuminated 4A reticle, a general purpose pattern that has a fine crosshair centered on three medium-weight posts at three, six, and nine o'clock. Leica's reticle illumination system has nine brightness settings controlled by a dedicated side turret. The 2.5-10x42 ERi also has windage and elevation turrets that make impact point corrections in 0.1 mil increments.

Using Leica's ASV rapid reticle adjustment turret, the shooter can precisely set the holdover distance corresponding to the ballistics of the round and distance to the target. The ASV elevation turret shifts the 4A reticle up or down to align the red dot aiming point with the compensated target point. Determine the required adjustment value, set and lock the turret, place your target in the crosshair and fire—the ASV turret is that simple to use. The online ballistics calculator available for free on the Leica website allows you to accurately determine the adjustment values required for your targeting task.

To preserve battery life, the ERi features two automatic deactivation functions; one that turns off the illuminated aiming point after three minutes, the other uses a built-in tilt sensor to determine when the rifle-mounted scope is raised or lowered from the firing position. Once the rifle is returned to a relatively level position (±70°), the red dot is immediately re-activated to the previously used brightness setting.

In addition to the image quality and functionality of the ERi riflescope, its nitrogen-filled aluminum housing is built for reliable performance in heavy rain, extreme humidity, and rapid temperature changes. Exposed lens surfaces are coated with AquaDura, a water-repellent layer that helps moisture roll off the lens surface and prevent occluding the scope's objective or eyepiece. This riflescope has an integrated, Zeiss internal track-style mounting rail that enables the scope's mounting distance to be changed relatively quickly. More importantly, it helps ensure a secure connection to the firearm and eliminates the potential for tube/optical deformation by seamlessly pairing the tube and mounting platform.

  • Illuminated 4A Reticle, 2nd Plane
  • 30mm Main Tube Diameter
  • 0.1 mil Impact Point Correction
  • ASV Rapid Reticle Adjustment Turret
  • Nitrogen-Filled Fogproof / Waterproof
  • Parallax-Free at 109 yd
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Tilt-Sensing Auto-Off Function
  • Built-In Mounting Rail
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