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Leica MP LHSA Special Hammertone with Leicavit 0.72 Rating 10


The grey hammertone finish was used in 1964 on ten Leica MD bodies and matching Visoflex housings and was rarely seen again. This set has grey hammertone paint on the top and bottom plates, the Leicavit-M Rapid Winder. The controls, hot shoe, and the strap lugs have a contrasting chrome finish.

The back of the top plate and the back of the Leicavit-M are engraved with the LHSA logo and “Special Edition 1968-2003”. One thousand produced and have become a highly collectable item.

Leica MP LHSA Special Hammertone with Leicavit 0.72 with a 10 rating (S/N 2947304)


  • Leica MP LHSA Special Hammertone   Body
  • Leica Hammertone Leicavit
  • Body caps

All Leica Boutique - PRA Pre-Owned items have a 90 day warranty

10  As New

9+ PRE-OWNED or STORE DEMO, but appears as NEW


8+ Shows MODERATE WEAR (finish marks)

8   WELL USED – may exhibit “dings” or finish marks

7   USEABLE – Shows more than average wear

6   “AS IS” – May Not Be In Working Order

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